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First Look: “Reflective” Air Jordan 12

​”Taxi” looking 12s rumored to release.

Despite all of the great Air Jordan 12s that have released this year, the iconic “Taxi” colorway never got the retro that many sneaker fans were hoping for. However, there is a new “Reflective” Air Jordan 12 that is more or less like a Taxi AJ12 with a couple of unique twists.

While the white and black colorblocking of this Reflective Air Jordan 12 is an obvious nod to the Taxis the kicks are higlighted by some noticeable differences including the eyelets up top which are made out of wood and the black mudguard that features a maze like design.

Additionally, the Chinese branding on the tongue really stands out and as you already guessed from the sneaker’s “Reflective” moniker, the white upper is completely done up in 3M. 

As of now the sneakers don’t have a release date and there’s a chance this could be a Chinese New Year release but they will likely be a limited release once they finally drop.

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