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Michelle Obama Looks Fit to Be a Gucci Muse

From Florence Welch to Beyoncé, Gucci’s Alessandro Michele has always been partial to a style maverick—a woman who certainly dresses to the funky beat of her own drum. After all, it takes a seasoned hand to style his glamorous, madcap designs. So who better to take on such a sartorial challenge than Michelle Obama? In her two terms at the White House, the First Lady has rarely been intimidated by bold fashion statements—the latest of which being this custom green and camellia floral silk gown from the storied Italian house which she wore for last night’s Kennedy Center Honors ceremony.

Festive and refined, the off-the-shoulder design spoke to the imminent holiday party season, but also to Gucci’s fanciful aesthetics. The pearl-and-crystal-embroidered brooch laced around Obama’s waist was a vintage-inspired motif that has become the Gucci creative director’s calling card. The bejeweled embellishment played nicely off her Yoko London pearl-drop earrings and matching pearl-cluster ring. The prim, full-skirted silhouette of the piece felt right in line with the regal dresses Obama has made the cornerstone of her wardrobe. It absolutely leaves us wanting for more Gucci-Obama collaborations in the months ahead.

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