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3 Reasons Why Modern Relationships Are Falling Apart

Almost all of us have had our hearts broken at one point or another, and well, there’s not much else to say other than that it sucks.

But, we cannot deny that learning how to handle breakups is a normal part of life. Within each failed relationship is a lesson to be learned. And if can learn that lesson, we are able to grow from it.

While many divisions happen because of things like money problems, differences in personalities, or simply because we get bored, there are some fundamental problems that can cause hardship for any relationship.

Here are the three main reasons we believe modern relationships are having such a hard time right now:

We’re not communicating with one another effectively

One of the first lessons we learn when navigating our relationships is that communication is at the foundation of every successful partnership.

Why? Because it’s incredibly hard to satisfy the needs and desires of your partner, as well solve any problems the two of you may be having, without openly speaking what’s on your mind.

When our partners do things that hurt our feelings or upset us, and we don’t say anything about it to them, it breeds resentment.

Eventually, after keeping all of our emotions inside for too long, we blow up. This can cause serious damage that isn’t always repairable.

It’s best to just openly express how you’re feeling when you’re feeling it in a calm, non-hostile manner, so that the two of you can work it out constructively.

We stay with people we’re not truly in love with

So many people in the world today are afraid of ending up alone, or become infatuated with the idea of love.

Once they get a taste of what it feels like to have someone else care for you and shower you with affection, they often seek it out even when it’s not genuine.

When we fall in love with someone our brains produce a variety of “feel good” chemicals. These can be addicting, and in many cases, people fall in love with the feeling of love, rather than an actual person.

Whether it be that we’re afraid of being alone, or we’re simply obsessed with the amazing feelings of love, neither one is healthy and will likely result in two people splitting up.

Not being able to trust one another

Trust sits alongside communication as part of the foundation for a healthy, happy relationship. How many of you have had jealous partners in the past that suffocated you to the point of driving you crazy?

You quickly discovered that not only did they not trust you to not hurt them, but that they were incredibly insecure. Because that’s what a lack of trust truly is: a person’s insecurities being put on full display.

If your partner has a tough time trusting you, try to see it as an opportunity to help them heal whatever old wounds are causing their behaviors.

Perhaps they’ve been cheated on or hurt in the past and are deathly afraid it will happen again. Make sure they know that you trust them, you love them, and that you’d never hurt them.

When both partners can be vulnerable and transparent with one another, the relationship has a chance to develop into something truly magical and soulfully fulfilling.

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