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New Assistant features revealed at Google Developer Days event

Google just concluded its Google Developer Days or GDD event. At the event, the firm has revealed some new features that will be soon arriving to its Google Assistant AI.

As showcased at the event, Google Assistant will be able to answer queries that are more complex in nature. For instance, “What is the name of the movie where Tom Cruise acts in it and he plays pool and while he plays pool he dances.”

The AI is also said to come with a new translation mode that comes as a result of the Google Translate integration. Users can simply say “Be my [insert language here] translator” and the AI will repeat everything they will say in the desired language. It can both be audible and can be shown as a text on the connected smartphone.

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Besides digging in the temperature and the location details of the user and answering the desired results, Google Assistant will be able to make use of Google Lens. Google Lens was introduced at the IO developer’s conference earlier this year.

According to a recent report, Google is being said to be in the final negotiation stage to buy HTC’s smartphone business.

It has been mentioned that Google for now has couple of options in hand. It can either become a strategic partner of HTC or simply buy the handset segment. HTC is not selling its Vive virtual reality segment, says the report. The Vive division will work separately if Google ends up buying the HTC’s smartphone segment.

The search giant is also preparing to launch its Google Pixel 2 smartphones. The smartphones are being said to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The smartphone is said to have an aluminum back panel for the 3/4th part and glass panel for the 1/4th part from the top, somewhat similar to what was seen in the Pixel and the Pixel XL.

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