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Watch: Apple iPhone X dropped from 1000 feet

It has been a few days now since the arrival of the $999 Apple iPhone X and we already have some drop test videos on the web. One of the YouTube channels,, has done the drop-test from 1000 feet.

The channel has posted the ‘extreme’ drop test video of the iPhone X by dropping it from 1000 feet above the ground.

In the video, we see a brand new iPhone X being unboxed and tied with a drone. The drone then reaches 1000 feet above the ground and drops the handset. After hitting the concrete ground, we see the back panel of the Apple’s costliest smartphone till date completely smashed.

However, nothing happened to the iPhone X’s display. The OLED screen remained intact and the video playing on the smartphone continued without any pause. This means that almost nothing happened to the innards of the smartphone and they remained intact. The touch gestures worked fine and even the camera worked like it should. Since the iPhone X dropped on its back panel, there was no harm down to the screen. However, since it was dropped from a 1000 feet on its back, it should’ve made an impact in some form at the front too.

But the phone’s back panel, which is build by glass, got shattered. One could even see the internal components of the smartphone from the shattered back.

Check the video below:

The YouTuber claims that the screen of the iPhone X is one of the most durable ones seen in an iPhone. Had the device dropped with the screen faced towards the ground, it would’ve been treated in the same way as the back panel.

A glimpse of it can also be seen in a regular drop test video made by EverythingApplePro.

In the video, the iPhone X was able to resist any kind of major cracks when dropped from corners or at its back. When dropped with the screen facing towards the ground (at 7:37 mark), surprisingly, the screen did not crack at all.

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